{The Ordinary Moments 2015} #1 – Being With Family

{The Ordinary Moments 2015} #1 – Being With Family

the ordinary moments, being with family, Grandad, Christmas, dontcallmestepmummy, blended family, mummy blog
snuggles with Grandad

I really didn’t want to start the year talking about Christmas, but we haven’t really blogged about it at all, other than things in the lead up and the aftermath.  I don’t want to talk about all the presents that the children received, or about the thank you cards we made to send out as we were blessed and overwhelmed as usual.  The mister and I decided not to exchange gifts as we just couldn’t afford and it is not all about one day anyway… I want to write about the best part of Christmas for me.  Getting a lot of time where no-one (usually) has to do anything except hang out and ‘be’ with family.

When you’re growing up and living in the same house as your parents, you don’t really appreciate this the same, but being able to just ‘hang out’ at my parents house and play games, eat good food, let the children just ‘be’ with their grandparents, auntie’s, uncles, I love it…. it just happens so rarely for us in the year.  Of course we get snippets, but they’re usually whirlwind moments that are squeezed in around birthday parties, celebrations of other kinds, dedications, weddings etc.  I just love this time where my Dad is off work, and has nowhere to be other than at home with his family.

the ordinary moments, being with family, Auntie, Christmas, dontcallmestepmummy, blended family, mummy blog
Auntie Jenny & Eden

It’s hard to get time with my sister now too, she has a new boyfriend and he lives quite a distance away so she’s often not in the same county as us, but when we do get to see her it’s lovely.  The children adore her, and she is amazing with them.  She blessed them with some lovely Christmas gifts… again it was just so nice to have time with her to ourselves.  Also, my brother Jacob (he’s like our little prodigal) was around on Christmas Day, this has been a rare sighting indeed over the last year, and I was so excited to see him for so long, without him needing to dash off, or be in his room, as he no longer lives at my parents, he doesn’t really have one, but he was staying at my parents and could’ve been anti-social if he’d wanted, he didn’t, it was lovely).  He wouldn’t really let me take any photographs….

the ordinary moments, being with family, Uncle, Christmas, dontcallmestepmummy, blended family, mummy blog
Boxing Day : Judah & Uncle Bobby

My other brother who turned 30 this New Years’ Eve however, did let me capture the odd photo (again he’s not really a fan of me with the camera).  I love how much Judah loves being with his Uncle Bobby.  He tells me all the time about the things in the home that are from Uncle Bobby.  He still remembers (6 months later) that his trainers are ‘birthday trainers from Uncle Bobby’ or ‘Bobby Birthday Trainers’ as they mostly get called.  He doesn’t miss a thing, and he loves spending time with his Uncle, also gets excited when he gets to see Sulley, Bob and his lovely girlfriend’s gorgeous black labrador.

My Mum is always slaving away in the kitchen at these family events and again doesn’t really appreciate me getting the camera out once she’s finally got chance to sit down, also, I’d probably get fired from serving duty if I tried to snap some pics in the sacred kitchen.  I wish I had more of her with the children, but I will try and make that my mission this year as we get about with our little adventures.

My other sister is in Australia at the moment singing for P&O Cruises so we got to facetime but that was the extent of our Christmas together.  The children like chatting to Auntie Lauren on facetime.  Judah believes that she’s a pirate because she lives on a boat. It was sweet today as she was dressed as a pirate for work (I don’t ask) and wanted to FaceTime the children there and then, so I got the facebook message and they were able to have a little chat.  The girls were still dressed in their Frozen pyjama’s that she bought them for Christmas too so double bonus.

the ordinary moments, being with family, Auntie, Christmas, dontcallmestepmummy, blended family, mummy blog
FaceTime with a Pirate

Of course, I can’t forget James’ family, my wonderful inlaws who came up for Christmas the weekend before, as they live on the South Coast.  They treated us to dinner with Santa which we blogged about and of which you’ll find lots of wonderful photos if you click here.  They also took us to watch the  ‘Snow White’ pantomime, which hugely impressed me… I uploaded some pictures and videos on my instagram that day.

I have just loved being with all the family over this festive period and am so grateful for everyone in my life.  I know that I inevitably take them for granted at times, but really hope to strive not to do so in the coming year…. we’ll see how I get on…

24 thoughts on “{The Ordinary Moments 2015} #1 – Being With Family

  1. That’s a lovely ordinary moment, or lots of ordinary moments to start the year with – and it looks like you really had a wonderful Christmas- Happy New Year!

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  2. Ahhh that’s so lovely!! I absolutely love Christmas family time, everyone is relaxed, having fun and eating way too much….it’s something I hugely miss having moved away!!
    So glad you had a lovely Christmas holiday xxx

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  3. What a lovely way to spend Christmas. We also saw my brother, for the first time since last Christmas, and it was so nice to spend time with him. It is so easy to take our family foregranted and not appreciate the time we do spend together.

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  4. It sounds like a lovely Christmas, and I agree now I am an adult and a sentimental Mummy myself- the most important thing by far is being with family. We had three Christmases this year and it felt so special ( I have a post coming up on it before I am forgetting about it again till next year!). Happy New Year to you and your gorgeous family. Xx

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    1. Yes it’s so sweet isn’t it? We missed all the cousins and their children’s gathering as we had the dreaded bugs. Missed seeing all the children at Christmas – it is a wonderful part – that reminds me I still have some presents to deliver 🙂


  5. What lovely ordinary moments, and I completely agree. I love being able to just hang out at my mums house whilst O is playing with his cousin and auntie and uncle. Nice to be able to relax knowing the kid is in safe hands! xx


  6. I love this post, I think this is the most special thing about Christmas- the thing that holds in memories more than the gifts- time with loved ones. My little ones don’t really get family yet- they have two Uncles (my brothers), one lives in Thailand, and growing up with a large extended family I think they are missing out (so they know my 3 best friends and their partners as aunty and uncle)- but, like yours, they hold the presents they receive from their Uncles so close to the heart it makes everything fall into place.

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